Sensory Communication Printable Workbook 

The printable sensory resource you need to give you fresh ideas, strategies and the confidence to help you build your child's communication skills in a fun and engaging way!

This is a digital download/PDF product only.


What will you get out of this sensory communication workbook?

The goal of this comprehensive printable communication workbook is to provide you with 5 fun, engaging and educational printable activities to help increase your child's communication.

Each printable activity paired with some simple materials you already have at home becomes a fun sensory activity.

Use my detailed instructions in this 29 page workbook to know exactly what to do to build your child's communication skills with each activity.


  • Enjoy sensory activities with your child.
  • A workbook for all ages and skill levels.
  • Activities for children who are non-verbal, partially verbal and verbal.
  • Activities to build communication skills.
  • Activities to build fine motor skills.
  • Activities to teach imitation skills.
  • Activities to teach colors.
  • Activities to teach counting.
  • Ideas to increase engagement.
  • Increased opportunities to hve fun as a family!
  • Printable photo communication cards that will help you teach your child to ask for each activity.

You are in the right place if you are looking for :

  • Clear strategies to help your child to communicate.
  • Fun activities to help you connect more with yor child.
  • An engaging way to help your child calm down.
  • Printable activities that you can print out and use with your child again and again.

"Since working with Alix, I understand my child so much better and we can actually have fun as a family."

"After my daughter's autism diagnosis, our family was shattered. Since working with Alix, I understand my child so much better and we can actually have fun as a family."

- Donna, Sam's Mom

This workbook is for you if :

  • You struggle to understand what your child wants.
  • You want to connect more with your child.
  • Your day is punctuated by melt downs.
  • You child is constantly seeking out sensory behaviors.
  • Your child is always on the move. 

Who created this workbook for you?


I am Alix and I am the owner of Le Chemin ABA, an adapted center for children with autism in Paris, France. 

I am also the editor of Special Learning House, a website dedicated to sharing easy learning activities for kids with autism. 

I have 18 years of experience creating programs for children with autism. 

I also grew up with a younger brother with special needs. He inspired my life's work.

"Alix gave us hope and a plan."

- Aurelie, Kara's Mom

Don’t wait, get the activities you need to increase your child's or students' communication today.

This is a digital download/PDF product only.