"Getting Picky Eaters to Eat Workbook" :

Jump start your child's feeding program with my "Getting Picky Eaters to Eat Workbook" right now!

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Get instant access to my Getting Picky Eaters to Eat Workbook  

Let's toss the stress & frustration, to make mealtimes happy again!

This comprehensive 16 page worksheets, progress tracking sheets, a gluten free foods list (for those who choose a gluten free diet), ideas to make the program motivational and fun and 2 printable visual schedules.

 The resource you need to to give fresh ideas, strategies and the confidence to help your picky eater learn to eat a variety of nutritious foods!  

Use my detailed 16 page workbook to create a program for your picky eater.

Use the worksheets, GF food list, motivational ideas & strategies & visual schedules for maximum success!