Are you looking for autism activities that teach new skills?


The Autism Activities Workbook Bundle is filled with activities that reduce difficult behaviors and build communication, life, sensory play and fine motor skills (+ 5 social skills story bonuses).


The Autism Activities Workbook Bundle

Daily activities to do at home with your child.

Daily activities to send to your students and clients.

No more scrambling for activity ideas, spending hours searching Pinterest and Google to put a program together. Easily download, print or email all the activities you need to help your child or students progress.

What's included?

✅ The Decreasing Difficult Behaviors Workbook

The Communication Skills workbook

✅ The Life Skills Workbook

The Simple Sensory Play Workbook

The Fine Motor Skills Workbook

✅ Quick Start Guide for Parents - "How to Set Up a Learning Program for Your Child at Home"

Use all the workbooks together as one giant workbook or separate them and use them one by one

You also have access to each activity separately and you can print them out individually or send them to parents by email

50+ Individual activities to use at home or send to your students or clients

Use these activities at home with your child or send them
to your students.

Add peace and structure to your daily routine by knowing exactly which activities you have available to do with your children each day.

Provide stimulating activities that will keep your child from regressing during this time away from school and therapy sessions. As an autism expert and therapist myself, I know how important continuity is for our kids. When sessions stop, regression can take place. Keep stimulating your kids at home with adapted activities to avoid having to make up for lost time later!

Simple and low-prep activities for young kids. The activities in the bundle are easy to set up with items you already have on hand at home.

Give your students and clients the activities they need. Supervising your students and clients online can be a difficult task. Make sure you have the activities to send to parents each week - or even every day.

Who Am I?

Hi there, I'm Alix!

I'm an Autism Expert and Autism Parenting Coach with over 18 years of experience working with children on the autism spectrum, and their families.

The Learning House

I am from NYC but I have lived in Paris France since I was 18 years old when I moved here for university and never left.

I founded the first private ABA center for special needs in France - Le Chemin ABA.

I don't know how many thousands of hours I have spent working with kids with autism but I am sure of one thing - they have taught me more than I have taught them.

It All Started with a Different Diagnosis

I decided to dedicate my life to working children on the autism spectrum after I met the first ASD child I had ever known during a college internship.

However, I knew I wanted to work with special needs kids way before that... I grew up with a brother, Nick, who has Prader-Will Syndrome. I was a teenager when he was born and I got to work, one on one, with his therapists so that I could learn to help him at home too.

I thought the therapists were amazing, and helped our family so much, and decided that's what I wanted to do too when I grew up!


Get your sanity back with The Autism Activities Workbook Bundle!

What parents have to say about my programs...

"You changed our life."  

- Amanda, autism mom

"We didn't really understand our child until we started working with you."

- Martine, autism mom

"Our child is using two word sentences now and has stopped hitting us."

- Claudia, autism mom

What Can You Achieve with the Autism Workbook Bundle?

Get difficult behaviors under control.

Don't waste your days dealing with difficult behavior after difficult behavior. This is stressful for you and your child. Use the tips and activities in the Decreasing Difficult Behaviors Workbook to get your child's behavior under control.

Reduce difficult behaviors at home with routines and positive reinforcement.

Build communication skills.

Use the activities in The Communication Skills Workbook to build your child's communication skills every single day with easy, fun and engaging activities.

Increase life skills.

Use this time at home to build your child's life skills with
The Life Skills Workbook.

Includes activities and tips to work on independent dressing, toilet training and preparing simple meals, step by step to name a few.

Set up simple sensory play.

Daily sensory play is essential for helping your child self-regulate and keep stimming behaviors at bay.

Use the activities in The Simple Sensory Play Workbook to create easy sensory activities with items you already have at home.

Increase fine motor skills.

Set up simple activities that build fine motor skills with The Fine Motor Skills Workbook. Use these activities to build hand strength and precision, teach pre-writing skills, teach handwriting and improve handwriting.

Set things up easily at home.

Your "How to Set Up a Learning Program for Your Child at Home" Quick Start Guide will walk you through the steps of starting a home program for your child. Perfect to use yourself if you are an autism parent or send to your students or clients.

Sanity saving activities at
your fingertips!

What You Get with Your Purchase

Simple Printable Activities

Activity Plans

Activities you can use at home or email to your students and clients

I have put my 18+ years of experience working with children on the autism spectrum to work making you the best and most effective learning materials out there.

Decreasing Difficult Behaviors Workbook

Communication Skills Workbook

Life Skills Workbook

Simple Sensory Play Workbook

Fine Motor Skills Workbook

Quick Start Guide for Parents : "How to Set Up a Learning Program for Your Child at Home"








Tackle social skills with simple social stories.

Hand Washing Social Story

Asking a Friend to Play Social Story

Emotions Social Story

When I'm Bored Social Story

Personal Space Social Story







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Who are the activities in the workbooks for?

This workbook bundle is for any special needs parent or professional who needs activities to teach their little learners. Although I create all of my activities with children with autism in mind, these activities would be very useful for individuals with a variety of special needs. I personally work with children with ADHD, Prader Will Syndrome, Williams Syndrome and a variety of other special needs and have experience using my activities to help children with various special needs progress.

If your child or students need help decreasing difficult behaviors and increasing communication, life, sensory play and fine motor skills, then this bundle will be very useful for you!

Will I be able to do the activities easily at home as a parent?

Yes! Every activity I create is simple and clear, making it easy for parents to use at home. All activities require just a simple printable a couple of items you probably already have at home.

May I send these activities to parents I am working with online due to the current situation?

Yes! I know that you need adapted activities to send to your students and clients at the moment. I have made sure that each activity can be downloaded individually (or as a full workbook PDF) so you will be able to send workbooks by skill to families or send individual activities as often as needed.

What happens after I purchase the bundle?

You will receive an email with login details to the platform I am using to house all of the materials. You can sign in any time you like and access each of the activities in the bundle, download, print or email to your students.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product, I do not offer any refunds. I do, however, stand behind this product 100% and am sure you won't want a refund!

I have a teenager at home. Can I still use these workbooks?

With individuals with autism, age is typically not the best reference point for activities. It will depend on the learning level of your child. These activities were created with young kids in mind (ages 0-7) but if your child is 19 and non verbal and needs sensory input and help building communication skills, then this bundle is absolutely appropriate for him or her.

Will I receive 1:1 support if I purchase the bundle?

I am happy for you to email me your questions about the bundle and I will support you in any way I can. For individuals programs for your kids or for help in setting up e-learning solutions with your students and clients, I welcome you to set up a coaching call so I can help you with solutions that are appropriate for your particular child or situation. Please email me at to schedule individual coaching.

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